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Estate Planning & Retirement

Retirement planning is complex and requires specialist legal knowledge and skill in order to implement proper advice. Our firm possesses such knowledge and this, coupled with our genuine desire to achieve the best outcome for our clients, makes us well placed to help you.

Estate Planning for Seniors in NSW

You may need legal advice regarding Retirement Village or Aged Care Accommodation contracts or agreements. We can make sure that these legal documents are fair and that you will get what you are paying for.

Where needed, we work closely with your financial advisor to make sure that the transaction you are entering into is as stress free as possible. We will co-ordinate the sale of your existing residence with your proposed move.

Our team can help with the following;

  • Examining Aged Care Accommodation agreements
  • Reviewing Retirement Village Contracts
  • Review your will, Power of Attorney and Guardianship Appointment documents
  • Work closely with your accountant or financial planner to achieve your retirement goals.

More Information On Estate Planning

Your estate includes everything you own, including real estate, vehicles, money in your bank account, items of value, investments, shares, life insurance and even your personal belongings. Estate Planning includes not only your preparing your Will, but also dealing with the event of you losing the capacity to make decisions about your affairs.

You can plan for these situations by putting in place an Enduring Power of Attorney and or a Legal Guardian who you trust to make decisions on your finances, medical treatment and or living arrangements. Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship are effective ways of appointing either one or multiple people to make important decisions for you if you’re unable to handle your own financial affairs and personal matters.

The work in Estate Planning is determining what assets are estate assets and what are non-estate assets to ensure the assets you own, or control, end up where you want them to go. It is common for people to have assets in different forms and in different types of entities such as a trust. Some assets are family trusts, and in some cases, superannuation is an asset. A home owned jointly is not an estate asset.

Estate planning also requires a broad approach and consideration should be given to all matters that may affect the important aspects of a person’s estate and affairs.

Joseph Trimarchi & Associates can provide you with a range of Estate Planning Services, including:

  • The preparation of Wills
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Assistance with issues relating to living arrangements and aged care accommodation.

Effective Estate Planning will also give consideration to issues such as asset protection, business succession, the establishment of trust funds, superannuation, taxation and insurance. Constantly evolving taxation, superannuation and business laws can impact your wealth. For this reason, Estate Planning should be an ongoing process.

You may also want to consider protecting your children’s share of an estate from divorce and creditors. This may involve drafting customised protective provisions into your testamentary trusts.

Moving into a Nursing Home or Retirement Village?

Where to live in retirement is a decision that impacts all of us, and the process of downsizing can present challenges. It can be particularly difficult if you are required to give up your beloved family home. Joseph Trimarchi & Associates understand such difficulties and are here to assist you with legal matters of retirement living and aged care facilities.
Our team can assist in the review, negotiation and advice of all Nursing Home or Retirement Village contracts. Accommodation options can take different forms with specific contracts and conditions, so we recommend you have an experienced solicitor assess the documents and negotiate arrangements on your behalf. This will ensure you make an informed choice that allows you to have a fulfilling retirement in a supportive environment.

Effective Estate Planning gives you flexibility in the management of your estate and affairs. At Joseph Trimarchi & Associates, we can assist you with tailoring your Estate Plan to your particular circumstances. Our highly experienced team can provide expert advice across the full range of Estate Planning areas and work with you to ensure that your plan takes into account any relevant law changes.

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