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Power Of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney gives the appointed person control of your financial decisions from the designated commencement event or date, even if you were to lose mental capacity. This can offer peace of mind now, knowing that your financial affairs will be taken care of, when you are no longer in a position to manage them yourself.

Deciding whether to have an enduring power of attorney naturally requires careful consideration. There are a number of ways we can suggest to help minimise the risk of any misuse of powers. We will advise you on whether an enduring power of attorney is appropriate in your circumstances, and if so, make all arrangements to put it in place.

Power of Attorney agreement for New South Wales elderly

Benefits of putting a Power of Attorney in place at an early stage:

  • You can decide who manages your finances while you still have the capacity.
  • It is easier and less expensive to do so, while you are still capable of making decisions.
  • When correctly prepared, it is legally binding and must be adhered to.
  • It provides your family and loved ones with peace of mind.
  • Your financial affairs can be managed effectively should you lose the capacity in the future.



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